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FAE 011: Growth Strategies, Automation And Communities With Jenae Spry

FAE 011: Growth Strategies, Automation and Communities with Jenae Spry

Paul talks with Jenae Spry from about growth strategies, automating the sales process, Facebook groups, communities, coaching, membership sites and more!

Here is a little bit about Jenae:

Jenae Spry successfully built a boutique translation company specializing in the life sciences, which led to the offering of coaching to other translators and translation company owners in the form of a membership program, to help them build successful businesses themselves. Jenaenow offers consulting services as a Growth Strategist to help SMEs optimize their growth strategies or build successful strategies from scratch.

With knowledge ranging from social media advertising, bots, organic traffic, community building, lead magnets and funnels, in addition to having used these all herself to build success in multiple industries, she’s uniquely qualified to help SMEs reach the next level in automating and optimizing their growth strategy.  

Overall, it was a fantastic interview and I am sure there is something in there that you can apply to your business or freelance operation.

Please let me know what you think.

All the best!


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