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FAE 033: The Power Of Kindness

FAE 033: The Power of Kindness

Paul talks about how actually being kind in business, and helping others out, can lead to happiness and success.

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Hey there, this is Paul from and welcome to Episode 33 of the podcast. Today’s episode is entitled The power of kindness. And I wanted to talk for a few minutes about this because it was recently, world kindness day. And that got me thinking about how kindness relates to, to business and how how that relates to our activities as a freelancer or as an entrepreneur. I think I was kind of brought up to think that in order to succeed in business, you needed to be really kind of tough and a little bit mean so to like some of these characters that you might see on a, on a movie such as Wall Street or something like that. It’s really a kind of, you know, really hard, tough person, trying to screw everyone else over, trying to step on everyone else in order to get to the top and well I think over my years in business, I’ve realized that it’s just totally not case and you can get very, very far by being kind and being nice. And that doesn’t mean being soft and giving into to every demand or every request from a client or, or doing things that are really not in the interest of your business. It doesn’t, it doesn’t mean that but you can show a lot of interest in other people, you can really help other people and you can really have an impact on their day, their week and even their year in their career. 

So I would really encourage you to to be as kind and helpful as possible. As, as Barack Obama said, being being a strong man includes being liked. There’s nothing weak about kindness and compassion. And I think, I think yeah, it’s that idea that there might be some weakness there by by being kind to others in business that perhaps holds some people back. But I think you can get really really far by being Kinda and I think it also makes your environment that much better and that much happier. There’s so much negativity in the world today, there’s so many problems out there. So many problems in business as well, I’ll just really encourage you to try and help people out during your day, it might be someone who’s a lot, a lot less experienced than you are, might be someone who’s just getting started in a particular field. Or it might be someone who’s more experienced than you, for example, I think a lot of people are quite, quite selfish in terms of promoting their own projects and their own businesses. And after all, why wouldn’t you do that? Why wouldn’t you go out there and just focus on promoting your own business? That makes a lot of sense, right? Well, yes, it does. And I think you should probably do that a lot of the time, but I think there’s also value in promoting other people’s projects. And you might simply help someone by sharing one of their posts on LinkedIn or you might, you might help By by writing up a little, a little description about something that you’ve liked about something that someone else has done, so it doesn’t need to take very long, it might only take a few minutes. But it’s really going to be appreciated by that person.

And remember when you’re promoting your own brand and saying, Well, yes, I’m, I’m amazing. And my company is amazing. Well, yeah, of course, some people are going to listen, and that’s going to have an impact. But if someone else really talks about you, that’s often going to be much more powerful. So why not talk a little bit about other people, and you will find over time that people start to talk about you, in turn. So I think just showing that showing that interest in others, showing that kindness is really going to get you very, very far indeed. I think it’s just a simple fact as well that we don’t really understand other people’s circumstances. I ordered it. I ordered a taxi yesterday, you know, one of the Services suck like like Uber it wasn’t Uber but it is something like that where, where the taxi turns up to your address and then and then you hop in and off you go. And the taxi driver actually parked a good two blocks away from where he was supposed to supposed to be. And it was, it was a it was really raining pretty badly. So I had to I had to sort of run across, ran across the road, try not to get too wet and I I jumped in the taxi and I when I got in a taxi I said, Hey, man, you know, why are you parked a bit far away, haven’t you? But I said it with a sort of, you know, I said it with a reasonably kind tone. I wasn’t I wasn’t too upset. I was quite relaxed about it. And and he said, Oh yeah, you know, it’s just I just started this job three days ago and and I’ve just got this car and I’m really trying to really trying to make something of my life and I’m really trying to I’m really trying to make progress and succeed and provide for my family and it’s been it’s been an it’s been difficult and I Had a short taxi ride with him. It’s only five or 10 minutes or so. And, you know, he told me a little bit about about his story. And I was quite, I thought it was quite revealing because I could have jumped in the taxi and, and sort of given him an earful. And he said, pretty much that’s what what most people have been giving him over the last few days since he started but you know, this poor guy is just trying to is just trying to make something of himself and trying to trying to make progress. And, you know, good for him and he doesn’t need people criticizing him the whole time. But I think it is sort of highlighted to me the fact that we often don’t, we often don’t really appreciate the situation that other people are in.

And I think that’s the same in in business when people are negotiating, or when people are trying to work for you or trying to offer a service for you or when you’re trying to offer a service to other people. I think we don’t appreciate the obstacles that the other party faces in terms of deadlines. In terms of budget, in terms of conditions, and all that kind of stuff, so I think things are just a little bit of empathy, just a little bit of walking a mile in the other person’s shoes is probably something that we should take on board as well. And just to wrap up this very short episode, the other thing I would say is that being kind definitely doesn’t mean being soft. So for me, it doesn’t mean accepting inferior work from providers, it doesn’t mean accepting a deal that I’m not going to be happy with. It doesn’t mean accepting a deadline, that I’m not going to be working too. And it doesn’t mean accepting a massive reduction in price, for example, just to be kind. That’s not what I’m talking about. But I do believe that you can get out there today. And you can be kind to your clients, to your partners, to your colleagues to someone in your industry. And I think you’d be amazed if knew the effect that that was going to have on that person. So let’s get rid of any negativity or as much negativity as possible. And get out there today. And I challenge you to just try and just try and be kind and helpful to a couple of people during the course of your day today. Maybe it’s something that you just do anyway, that you’re in the habit of being kind and helpful to people, but really, it has a massive impact on others. So try and get out there today, and try and be as kind and helpful as possible. All the very best. Thank you so much. for listening. I’m Paul from

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  1. I never looked at that — sharing my colleagues’ successes and helping them grow — as kindness. Interesting. It is like breathing to me. This is not intended as criticism, but a step towards self-awareness. Really an eye-opener. Abraços.

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