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FAE 034: Do You Have A Morning Routine?

FAE 034: Do You Have a Morning Routine?

Paul talks about the power of having a morning routine and shares some advice that he gleaned from Hal Elrod’s book “Miracle Morning”.

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Hey there, Paul Urwin here and welcome to Episode 34 of the freelancers and entrepreneurs podcast. Today I’m going to be talking about morning routines. What’s your morning routine like? Well, I started to get into morning routines after I read a book called The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, really amazing guy and an amazing book that really inspired me to achieve more first thing in the morning, I think it’s a great, great space first thing in the morning, whatever time you you get up, and according to Hal definitely earlier the better. I mean, I happen to be a pretty early riser, but I know not all of you are, but I would say nevertheless, whatever time you get up, I think you can implement some kind of morning routine and I think one of the great things about having a morning routine is that it allows you a little bit of space before you get into your day. So before you get into phone calls and emails, mails or, or jumping on a on public transport or whatever it might be, you can have this little space where you can, can really, you know, get your get your day going in the right way, get your day going in the right way. And I think I think in some ways, it’s even easier for people who work in a job because you have that sort of set routine and as a freelancer or as an entrepreneur, sometimes it’s a bit more difficult to get into a routine, but I would really encourage you to do just that. Because it’s incredibly, incredibly powerful.

So what what exactly makes up a morning routine? Well, according to according to Hal there are a number of different components, he actually has this, this Savers, savers acronym setup which stands for S is for silence So meditation, prayer, or breathing, something like that some sort of calm to start the day with A is for affirmations and urging words to to get you off on the right on the right Note. the V is for visualization. So imagine yourself doing something to achieve your goals. E is for exercise.

Absolutely, absolutely key in my opinion, R is for reading, we’ll know that readers are leaders and S is for scribing or, or writing down your, your thoughts or journaling. So, there’s quite a lot of components there. And actually, in my case, I’ve kind of whittled it down to to a few, two, three, in fact, for me, it’s it’s reading, so I was trying to read for 15 or 20 minutes each morning exercise, which is I just feel it’s so so important. And it doesn’t need to be this some, you know, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a massive session. It can be done in sort of 15 minutes, you can do quite a lot and I just sort of developed this routine at home of of some simple Pull exercises and I haven’t really got much, much equipment. I’ve got a I’ve got an AB wheel and I have a couple of a couple of dumbbells. And that’s about it. You know, I can do some I can do some push ups, I can do some sit ups, I can do some exercises with the dumbbells and I can do some apps with the AB wheel. And really, I can, I can do that very, very quickly. So on some days, I do go to the gym. I think exercise is really important. I love doing different kinds of exercise. But if you can’t go to the gym, or if you don’t want to go to the gym, then I think you could do so much in 15 minutes.

So it’s 15 minutes for me 15 minutes reading 15 minutes exercise. And yeah, a little, a little bit of time spent in prayer or meditation, a little bit of sort of focus, focused sort of silent time, however, however you interpret that, I think is really, really important because in today’s world, it’s just, it’s just 100 miles an hour. It’s just there’s just stuff going on all the time there’s so much information out there. There’s so many emails out there that this just too many things going on. It’s it really is the age of the information overload. So I think I think you really just need to find that sort of time to focus and, and think you know, whether it’s to think or whether it’s to, to, to pray or whether it’s to meditate and to you know, to completely clear your mind I really do think that you need that kind of that kind of space in your life.

So I’ve as I said, I’ve narrowed it down to the three that work for me I really recommend that book from Hal Elrod The Miracle Morning and I really do suggest that you start thinking about what happens or what you do. The the first first thing in the morning when you when you when you wake up what is it what is it that you do what do you also what do you what do you drink and what do you eat first thing in the morning and and I think that’s really going to set You up for the day in a way that you you can’t imagine it really does become very, very powerful over time because routine. Getting into that routine just helps it to become more and more powerful and it just gets better and better over time. And as Howe says in his book, people even get into it so much that they they start doing the routine at the weekends as well. Just becomes part of their their daily routine seven days a week but you know, certainly the beginning even you might choose to start off with five days a week. No problem with that at all. But what you do first thing in the morning is definitely going to set you up or not for the day. So have a think about it. Tell me about your morning routine. You can come on over to the Facebook group and tell us about that. I’d love to hear what your morning routine is. All the best have a fantastic, fantastic day. Thank you so much for listening. Paul in

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