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FAE 037: Build Your Personal Brand Featuring Juliette Stapleton

FAE 037: Build Your Personal Brand featuring Juliette Stapleton

Paul talks with Juliette Stapleton about her building your personal brand. Great tips on creating and developing a personal brand that actually leads to sales – “visibility that sells” as Juliette calls it.

What are you doing to build your personal brand?

Here is the full transcript:

Paul 0:00
Hey there, Paul here hope you’re doing great. Welcome to Episode 37 of the freelancers and entrepreneurs podcast. I’ve got an amazing guest on for you today. Juliette Stapleton full of passion, full of energy full of great ideas. We talk about personal branding, we talk about her personal transformation. We talk about first impressions, we talk about your Facebook profile. So really lots of different things that make up a personal brand. And she has a really, really, really, really great story. She’s overcome quite a few struggles. In her career, she’s overcome people not taking her seriously or not taking her seriously enough. She’s gone through different business types. And she really is doing extremely well. Now, with this personal brand approach. She likes to call it visibility that sells which I think is a really nice, really nice name and she’s doing great in her business but She hasn’t had an easy, she certainly, as I said, Can Overcome quite a lot of barriers to get to where she is today. So I’ve got that coming up for you in just a second. If you would like more help with your business, or with your freelancing operation, if you feel that you’re going through difficult times, you’re struggling a bit, perhaps you’ve reached a plateau, you might need some help to get to the next level. You’re doing lots of things right but you’re not quite getting the rewards that you would expect from your business then let’s have a chat. I’m sure I can help you I coach freelancers, and early stage entrepreneurs, small business owners really help them to get the most out of their, their their situation and really drive things to a different level. I help people with content funnels, with sales funnels, I help them to overcome limiting beliefs and really just just help them to take their business where they want to take it. So If you feel that that reflects your situation in any way, then jump on over to the website, and book a completely free call with me. Let’s have a chat. And we’ll take it from there. Right let’s get cracking with today’s interview. Juliette. Stapleton is a personal brand strategist, a thought leader and a writer on a mission to help established entrepreneurs build a presence that sets the stage from the first impression to the authority that positions them as an asset to their clients. Juliette has guided thousands of students and clients from more than 30 countries all over the world through her v a l u e method, a simple system that has opened up the world of opportunities to hundreds of entrepreneurs, helping them reach millions and make millions with ease. Find out more about her visibility that sells program at Juliette, welcome to the show.

Juliette 3:00
Thank you so much.

Paul 3:02
Well, it’s it’s great to have you here. You’re a really, really energetic person very passionate about what you do. So I’m really looking forward to exploring that, especially in the context of building a personal brand. But I thought I’d start off with a quick question about your, your background, so so if you could just please tell me how you got to where you are today. Tell us a little bit about your, your work history, your entrepreneurial history.

JulietteĀ  3:29
Well, thank you so much. I started my business in 2012. And I started a small digital marketing agency. I at the time was located in a very small rural location in Ireland in the middle of nowhere, basically, and and so what I did is there was a moment where I realized that I have a huge passion for social media, particularly for Facebook at that stage, but actually I was building communities and building online presence. myself as a personal brand, ever since I think 2001 when I was a singer, I just came into Ireland. I didn’t know anybody. And the only way for me and i’m not i’m actually even though I come across as an energetic person online, I’m quite shy and introverted when it starts in shop.

So where are you from?

Juliette 4:19
I am from Tallinn, Estonia.

Paul 4:21
Fantastic. Fantastic. Yes. Yeah. And how long have you been in Ireland for?

Juliette 4:26
I’ve been in Ireland since the year 2000. So 20 years is a long, long time. And so coming here and really wanting to because I went traveling in 1999. I lived in London for a year, but I always wanted to, I always knew that there is something more than just like everyday life. For me. I always knew that. I am born to be a leader. I’m born. I’m born to lead people somewhere. When I was younger, it was through the channel of music and singing. But now looking back, I realized lies that it was much more about leadership and much more about inspiring people and empowering them to see a bigger version of themselves.So what happened when I came to Ireland is, as I mentioned, I started networking, but I very quickly discovered that networking is great, yes, but also they want you want to build that shiny cover people judge the book by the cover, if you come to a stranger, say there is a party and strangers are saying, so what do you do? You can say, Well, I am such and such. And you know what they do believe you but you have to also have some sort of proof if they want to find out more. And I’ll remember how in 2001, I thought oh, in what would be great is I don’t have a band here. I’m going to use jazz as as this kind of way of getting gigs fast because you know, jazz standards, most of the musicians know and you don’t have to rehearse or you know, create your own content. So that was like an easy outlet to start doing something. But I’ve started looking at how can You build the profile? Like how can you create that profile? If somebody wants to find out more about you, because not everybody’s just gonna take your word for it. So, you know, how can you do that? And I don’t even remember at this stage, what were they called, but there was so many different forums and especially for artists and and musicians. There was a lot of hubs that we call now social media, but they weren’t holed up then. And so I actually had a presence on so many of them that if you googled my name, even at that stage, you know, there was a lot of stuff that wouldn’t be coming up. later on. I met my other half here in Ireland, and he’s a music producer. Ironically, I stopped singing after I met him. He was a very high end music producer, I was just an average singer. I always did more promotion than what I was doing. I was very good at positioning myself, you know. So this is something that and it’s important to kind to think about what I’m doing now too, without sort of background. So I stopped singing but then my other passion which was dressmaking and fashion design kicked in. And I started creating a fashion design community and a blog. And there’s a lot of stuff still around. Actually the other day, I just found my old blog, and all the pictures and everything and tutorials. So there was againand and even thoughI love making clothes, it was about the blog. It was about building communities again. So in 2012, I was working here in Ireland in hospitality with restaurants. And I was always really good at building relationships with with the customers who are coming in. What I’ve noticed is that I started helping out with one of the local restaurants started helping out with Facebook community as well as Facebook pages now stages was in 2012, we still had organic reach on pages. And we started seeing a real engagement level started growing with our community with with the restaurant I worked in. And so that was a big eye opener for me. I said, Oh, I can do that professionally. So Let’s let’s start a business helping people with their Facebook pages. And that’s how my business originally started. Five years yeah, so so it was really good. And I the word of mouth spread. It’s a small community. Within two years, I worked with probably every business prominent business in every niche represented in the local area. Now I it’s about 100 kilometers from Dublin where I live, so I could have probably expanded and commuted but I don’t like commuting in the travel in the traffic.And you know, like Saturday, yes. People with people still do that. And what I find when you’re building your business, and I think that intuitively and I mentioned that I’m a very, very intuitive person, so I go with my gut and my gut of saying to me, this is wrong for you to commute and spend so much time to get money you will not enjoy this and you will actually resent what you’re doing. And that’s exactly what what was happening. Every time when I was working with people who were wrong for me or doing something, you know that they would ask me that I wouldn’t really want to do when I was still, you know, bending backwards. In the beginning of our business. We do a lot of that we get clients that about a bit of everything, basically.

Yeah, yeah. You were like running around all over the place.


Yeah, yeah, people hire you to be like their online operations manager, and then you end up being a secretary. And that happens so much, especially with, you know, people who are not business owners who are not technical. And I’m sure that a lot of people in digital marketing Can, can relate to that. So I was a classic example of someone with a lot of energy, but also a lot of desire to give. And really, it’s people pleasing. So I was, I really didn’t enjoy my business at all. At that stage. I have to be honest, I felt trapped. I felt like I was constantly on appreciated. People didn’t understand what I was doing. They couldn’t see the long term vision that’s required with organic marketing which which basically what I was Doing community buildings and relationships building. And so it wasn’t an enjoyable business for me at all. And I think that it really affected my self esteem as well. In those years, I just felt really, really trapped. I felt like my clients were like bad marriages and burns great. I was really bad at setting setting the boundaries up and because of that, I was really about a pitching. I was really bad at at looking for new clients because everybody came to me through word of mouth, and and then these people were incorrect people for me. So working with them affected my self esteem and I really felt like I don’t deserve to be hired. And I always felt like every time I had a new client deep down, I was surprised. I was very good. expect that they would hire me and it’s a weird thing because I’m actually quite brilliant at what I do. And I I always knew that too. And yet, you know, we have that battle inside your head with low self esteem. And not seeing people appreciating you’re not recognizing your your brilliance or hiring so called gurus just because they heard somebody on the radio hiring them and you know getting me to join by saying something like, well Juliette you can always learn something country. And then I hear stuff that is not applicable to small businesses, you know, like textbook stuff that they paid a lot of money for just because this person is somebody they think that his celebrity status or something is you know, authority. Okay, so and in 2017, what happened is that all that culminated with me feeling completely out of control. And I decided that it’s time for me to actually claim the place in the world and I decided to start building my own personal brand. So showing up on Facebook as Juliette Stapleton not as the name of my agency, sharing my expertise, sharing my my knowledge and trying to find people Who will hear, you know, who will see me as someone who can help them who will want to, to take my word for, you know, you have to wait for something to happen or you know, you have to have patience, you have to have trust, you have to build relationships. And it was amazing transformation. When I started building my brand as Juliet Stapleton the people that I met and I used Facebook as my central stage. In fact, I did by that stage, we didn’t have much organic reach on business pages. So I did a lot of showing up on my personal profile. And I built a group as well. And that completely transformed this whole thing from someone completely disempowered to to someone who is enjoying their lives, living the life of their dream to an extent you know, because obviously, you know, things like I have clients or students in more than 30 countries all over the world, everyone in my world and people I really enjoy being with They openly expressed the the not just recognition but but gratitude for what I helped them with. And that just changes the way you feel about your business you feel about your life. So this is one absolutely personal brand.

Paul 13:17
Brilliant stuff, Juliette. Okay. Well, I do I do want to kind of delve into this a little bit further, because I know a lot of our listeners are freelancers or entrepreneurs, small business owners. And I think the personal brand thing can be a little bit confusing at times, because let’s say and you mentioned that you had an agency before. So what does someone do? Who has a small business? Should they have a company brand name? Should they have a personal brand name, a personal brand? Should they manage both? How do you how do you tackle that issue?

Juliette 13:51
Well, I personally think it of course, it depends on who they target themselves. Because depending on who they target, how is in that world The business that you know these these clients want to hire, how do they see that but I think that it’s important to have your agency name if you’re if you especially if you have a team, but even if you’re working on your for yourself you know because it just sounds more professional to some people. But to be honest with you, when you add that layer of a personal brand, it just creates the attraction because people who work with people so people can they want to hire good company, they want to hire people, you know they want to hire you as a company however they will work with you and the way you are And the way you are showing up especially when you’re showing up as who you are and you’re sharing and you’re confident and you show up as authority you you get featured on podcasts you you write and you know get published somewhere online, for your clients or potential clients, particularly if you come across as somebody really knowledgeable, really, you know, with the following somebody that that is a privilege to have on board. And that completely changes their perception. In fact, you know, I’ve lived through a change of perception of a client, the client that I mentioned, who brought a guru on board, and got me to sit on those calls it which was very humiliating to me, to be honest. And then over the years, over a few years, as I was building my personal brand, this same client would, you know, take me out for dinners and make sure that everybody around knows how important this person that they brought in for dinner and, you know, join me on holidays and things like that, you know, the perception how they see and how they treat me now, is completely different.

Paul 15:46
It’s quite an interesting transformation. So you’ve gone from a point where you were doing lots of work, you’re doing lots of different things. You were feeling you weren’t feeling very appreciated, too. doing the work that you want to do and feeling appreciated. So that’s basically been the change that you’ve gone through.

Juliette 16:07
That’s right. Yeah.

Paul 16:08
And, and that comes down to, basically, if I understand it correctly, your positioning. So you’ve, you’ve deliberately positioned yourself in order to make that change, right.

Juliette 16:20
That’s exactly what a personal brand does for you. It’s it’s strategic. It’s strategic positioning as somebody who, you know, somebody who has a claim to their place, you know, in, in this industry or in this in this niche, and it’s, it’s really, truly it comes down to people judge the book by the cover, it really comes down. It’s sad sometimes to think about it, but that’s how the reality is.

Paul 16:53
And so with the stronger positioning, you open up the world of better opportunities better, you know, so how can how can someone do that? You know, I mean, let’s let’s talk about someone who has a business that they’re doing. A lot of what you would call done for you work. So they’re carrying out particular tasks for companies, whatever it might be web design or anything else really. How does a person in that position they might have a, they might work with two or three colleagues or they might have a team of two or three people and they really, you know, run off their feet and perhaps not not sort of not doing badly but not having the position or making the money that they would perhaps want to so how does a person in that position start to make this what effectively is a some kind of personal brand transformation how to how does someone go about doing that if that’s something that they would want to do?

Juliette 17:41
Absolutely. With just completely practical solution, and you know, first step solution, is make sure that your personal profiles, and I know it sounds scary for a lot of business people, but take take your personal profile and optimize it So make sure that you have a very good profile picture. You know, you don’t have to on Facebook, for example, it doesn’t have to be like a professional headshot, but it needs to be of your face no shades, you know, no beer, no, no motorcycles, but just just to you in a friendly way looking into the camera. So there is a first impression first impressions online. Or not like first impressions offline, Wi Fi. So for example, I just joined your group recently. So people look at my profile picture and they make up their mind. Some, you know, have a certain idea that they have about me. Yeah. So it takes one second. Then they start maybe reading what I’ve said and you know, then creating some more associations, but if at this first glance, there was a negative reaction or negative first impression or zero impression, I they’re gone. Okay, no, there’s just too much noise.

Paul 18:58
So what is kind of is kind of an obvious point. Yes, about Moore’s law. By the same time I’m thinking I’m sat here thinking, yeah, probably gonna update my photos. So, so Yeah, totally. It does totally make sense. I have got a question for you, which has been, which I wanted to ask for a while, actually. So good to have you on the show top to ask, because I know you do this. So I’ve noticed now that some people use Facebook very much as a business outlet in order to get leads. And I must admit, I’m a little bit confused by that because, well, I don’t I don’t really have many friends on Facebook. And I don’t, I don’t use Facebook that much via my personal profile. So I’m on Facebook in the freelancers and entrepreneurs group, obviously, and in other groups, but I don’t really use Facebook via my personal profile. And my friends are made up of my friends and family basically. And what I’ve noticed is a lot of people seem To be really reaching out to a lot of other people building up their their friends who are in reality, not friends, but contacts or even potential clients and then posting stuff on their personal profile. So that seems to happen quite a lot. Can you sort of explain how that might work? And if you should be doing that, and, and absolute and if you are doing it the second part of the question, doesn’t it sort of cause a conflict with your between your personal and professional life? In some way?

Juliette 20:34
Right. Okay. We have to we have to say first that online and it’s all about the mindset, right? It’s all about your intention. And it’s all about making a decision. I started with 300 connections on Facebook. Some of them were my family, and some of them were people I used to work with or worked with. And some of them were my long lost friends that I you know, don’t stay in touch and only See their holiday pictures on Facebook? Facebook has a platform for my personal use board me insanely, because it I just don’t see the need to belong to a group and maybe it’s just me but but I there’s a lot of people who find that Facebook is just quite depressing, you know, you’re just going there, you’re looking at pictures, but there’s no connection, there actually is no community and connection when you’re using it for personal use. So what a lot of people, including myself, have decided to do is to take this platform and connect to people because there’s 2 billion users on on Facebook and connect and build relationships. I’m not talking about friendships, and I personally, someone who takes the word friend very, very seriously. You know, there’s a lot of people I have I have 5000 friends on Facebook, but I really don’t have many friends in the real life because it’s it’s a different thing. The word the word friend. It’s ironic that Facebook used the word friends in that Respect, but it’s a brilliant platform to position yourself as a thought leader so if you have anything to share, and if you feel and it’s maybe it’s not for anybody, like it’s not for everyone Yeah, but there are people who believe that there’s more to life than just their everyday and their business and that they have something to to say and that needs to be heard by someone else.

Paul 22:26
I can understand that I’m just trying to I just don’t quite understand the platform because I’ve noticed that I’ve noticed that that’s happened quite a lot. It’s something that I’ve considered doing I thought well you know, I could grow my contacts via via Facebook I’ve obviously because they are contacts, not friends. Not you know, not immediate friends. Yeah, yeah. But I have you know, but I don’t I have LinkedIn for that. I don’t I don’t know. Or do you use Instagram for your, your personal platform, and then I and then I suppose the thing that that that holds me back Partly because a lot of a lot of this is about what holds you back and finding solutions is that, you know, if I post a video about my coaching program or if I post a video about some some business issue, then that then goes to, you know, all my family and friends and I just kind of think, well, they’re not really going to be very interested in that. Do you see I

Juliette 23:20
Yeah, totally, totally understand, but we need to shift our focus. So the reason why I decided to use my personal profile, there was two reasons. Number one was, I’m an organic marketing expert. You know, I am not a Facebook ads expert. If you don’t know Facebook ads, you you risk to lose a lot of money on it. So when in 2017, I knew very clearly I already saw that the the reach wasn’t, you know, taking me anywhere. And I also didn’t have much luck actually building a community as my company called easy marketing. So you know, it was, it was kind of pointless to do anything on my business page. Nobody could see it. So I needed to be where there’s either On my content, and my first thought, so this is strategic, my personal profile has the best reach organic reach on Facebook. And that’s, you know, this is still still the truth. So how I thought to myself, how can I use the place where I get more eyes? On my content, I can connect to people who are probably ready and searching for someone like me. And yet I didn’t like LinkedIn, I still don’t like it, you know, because it’s a bit too corporate. And I like and I’m all about relationships, you know, and so this is why I was so unhappy in my business because the relationships weren’t really working out even though I don’t want to have friendships in my work, but I still wanted to be appreciated and you know, and give back and be given with appreciation. So when what you what you can use your personal profile, you have to make a decision. First of all, you have to say to yourself, I have a dream, like I had a dream, to have a global business to have a business that is not like a bound so I can travel, and also to have everybody around me, who is compatible to me, how can I achieve that? And this is my big dream. Does my mom care about this dream to come true? Not as much as me, does my husband care about this dream to come true? Not as much as me, everybody else outside and my daughter right? outside these three people, I don’t care about anybody what they think of my family or friends or anything because they only concerned about their dreams. I’m concerned about mine. That was the decision. So when I made that decision, then I didn’t really I didn’t really bother with what they will think or because they have a choice of not to engage. And the way Facebook works is that if I don’t engage with you for a while, then I don’t see your posts at all. Because Facebook Yeah, Facebook needs to determine what am I interested in and then show it more to me. So if I’m not engaging with something, then I’m not interested in this drop off eventually. Yeah, exactly. So that so the chances are that most of them don’t see it. It’s a bit scary in the beginning because you do feel like everybody’s looking at you. And then you’re gonna start you know, talking about your business and talking about and things that they’re not interested in and maybe they’ll point a finger. Maybe they’ll say something, to be honest with you. Nobody ever said anything, except for one person who was my nemesis in school. And she was she was she was saying bad things then and she was the only one who just said to me, hey, Julia to you are, you know, your commercial in your posts? And? Well, I said to her, Hey, at that time, I was the only breadwinner. My husband was battling cancer, and I was the only breadwinner, how to do what I need to do. And that’s what I said to her. And of course, that conversation was you know, it, it didn’t go in any kind of negative way. She knew that that’s what I need to do.

Paul 26:45
Well, I think that I think that focus certainly comes through from Yeah, and I think that’s something important. You know, I think if you do decide that it’s something that you need to do, or you want to do, then you, you just need to go ahead and do it, and not worry too much about what everyone else thinks. So I mean, I’m not sure that that, that that strategy is right for me, I actually really like LinkedIn. But then you know, everyone is different. But if I did decide the point that I’m taking from you, Julia is that if I did decide that that was going to be a good strategy for me, then I need to not worry about all of those other things that perhaps some people worry about. Does that make sense?

Juliette 27:26
Absolutely. And you know, what, what LinkedIn has changed since since 2017. LinkedIn is so much more like Facebook now these days, and you can build a really strong personal brand, doing exactly the same things that I’m doing on Facebook on LinkedIn now. So

Paul 27:41
I’ve got one, I got one question for you on the Facebook still. So if you post on your personal page, if you post if you write a post, and share it, how and you have, let’s say 1000 friends, on Facebook, how many of those friends will actually see your post

Juliette 28:00
Oh, this is this is a very you couldn’t I can’t give you a ratio because it depends on how you are active on Facebook and Facebook on personal profile, you will definitely see they will give you will definitely be seen by more people than if you posted the same thing and with the same amount of funds on your page on your business page

Paul 28:20
Okay, but um, what about but in the in the Facebook group? Isn’t that seen by more people by the people in Facebook?

Juliette 28:28
So everything depends on engagement on Facebook, in the groups as well? Yes. So on your personal profile, there is most reach, so most eyes will see that content, okay, a new group is in the group is going to be more reduced, but it’s still you know, it’s still going to be seen more than if you post it on your business page. However, in my experience, and I had several groups and I built my own big group as well as on stage 1500 people and I saw in that group that the more engaged the more You engage your group members to comment and to post and and you know, the more in activity is happening the group, the more people in the group see your posts. Yeah, yeah, you don’t. And it’s the same with the personal profile. And that’s, that’s why, within the strategies that I teach there, it’s not about just creating content. A lot of people think that, you know, being visible is just creating content. But it’s not as much you have to create content, because people check you out. You want to position yourself as authority, but it’s actually all about relationship building. So it’s about you commenting on other posts, you’re sending private messages and talking to people. And that engages the algorithm that if you are doing those things, and if they don’t take too long, it can take 15 minutes a day only, you know, but you’re sending that signal to the algorithm. So your content is shown to more people and especially if you have what we call engagement focused posts, where you might it doesn’t have to be business related at all, you know, because there’s a mixture you have to be yourself Human, you know, you have to show up as a human. Nobody. Nobody cares about people who show up and they’re just talking about business or they’re just talking about, you know what they know, like experts, they’re boring because this is a party, you know, face was like a big big party. So who do we hate? We hate salespeople, and we hate the professors. You know, we just want to talk about food. So you have to have a healthy mixture of content that people who who follow you, yes, they follow you because you you know, share some information that they’re looking out for. But also they follow you because you’re compatible. Maybe you you love food or travel or, you know, like I’m a biker, so highly attracts people who are adventurous as well. And sometimes I’ll share that because they want to be pulled by you

PaulĀ  30:43
I think we use the right phrase though, which is a healthy mixture. I totally agree with that. It can’t be business all the time. You need to show a little bit of your personality and that and that obviously all ties into to the personal brand. So great stuff. Something else I wanted to ask you about. So I know you have this sort of strategy. I don’t know if it’s a strategy, it was just your, your way of doing things. But I know you’re very, very positive and keen on showing up. That’s been a big thing that I’ve, that I’ve sort of got from from you, Judy. And also you can combine that with what you would call active follow up. So can you just explain a little bit how those two things might work together showing up? I mean, I think you’ve been talking about it to a certain degree already showing up an active follow up how to how to how do you sort of see that?

JulietteĀ  31:29
So for for so I haven’t, I’ve optimized my per se you optimized your profile, right, somebody checks you out and they see a nice big picture on profile picture. You have some information in your cover that that attracts, you know, people to find out more about you, you know, maybe you publish something online, you have some logos, you know, just to show that you’re somebody so people start following you bought in the your content is important. How you show up is important. This is what I’m saying. So But it’s not enough to just to just show up and just to post, you want to engage people, and you want to treat people out there. And this is going to be scary for some people to hear. But you want to treat people as real people behind the profile pictures. So when I sent people friend requests, and yes, of course I’m using I’m very transparent. I’m using Facebook for client attraction. However, you would never get a pitch from me, you know, you’ll never get a message. If you befriend me or accept your friend request. You’ll never get something like hey, I’m Juliet, I’m a visibility that sales strategist here’s a link to my Facebook group, you know, because that’s just insulting. I do want to connect to people based on who they are before what they do or before if they will work with me or buy from me. So this is it’s all about building relationships. And trust me it’s It sounds very scary. I am an introvert I’m shy I don’t talk to strangers that’s it. I said that probably already. But but it’s but if I can do it, if I can. I am always exploring, I’m always exploring because in the last three years as I’m building my personal brand I’ve also built my soulmate family because I met people who were so aligned with who I am that it just enriched my world and that is priceless because sometimes you can be in a location where you don’t have that sort of you know, privilege to connect Yeah.

Paul 33:21
So if you develop the right the right personal brand as well as going to attract the right the right people and something that I’ve I’ve sort of got from you and get again in this interview, Juliette is the idea that you’ve you’ve changed your business, not only hopefully to make more money, but also to have a more fulfilling life and business life and and work with the people with whom you want to work, right.

Juliette 33:45
Yeah, that was much more important even than the money parts, you know, because I had the money parts working with people here, but I wanted to work with people that I enjoy communicating. I don’t need necessarily, as I said, to have like, personal friendships and going home. Is with them I don’t need that but I do want to have real real Soul to Soul communication especially that I’m I’m a strategist but I’m also a coach so I coach people through reservations about you know showing up and and through expecting instant gratification you know well we need to have a long term vision vision with this and it is and so yeah, I forgot now the could the actual question What was the question? Right I know I know what I wanted to say I want to say about the point because we in your question and said the word right. You need to build a right personal brand into you know, and then you attract actually you just need to build a you just need to show up as who you are cool. Yeah authentic because when you’re when you’re showing up your your confidence grows as you do it. You know you because you we are the last ones to recognize our own brilliance. Usually people see around us how brilliant we are at something we’re the last ones to really truly believe that when you are becoming more and more active and you’re connecting to people, you start seeing through their eyes more about who how actually brilliant you can be and start believing in it a little bit more so it’s such a self empowering journey and and through that, you know, your light starts shining brighter and brighter so that what makes this this personal brand a right thing for you to do. It’s like you’re discovering yourself more and more. So there’s no wrong personal brands. They’re just wrong people.

Paul 35:31
Okay, very good. Yeah, no brilliant stuff. Brilliant stuff, Juliette? Well, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed talking to you today. I’ve, I’ve learned a lot as well about about that personal brand, certainly some probably an area in which I need to improve myself. So yeah, thanks for all of those tips. I really, really appreciate it. Let’s just wrap up. Now if you’d like to share a little bit about a little bit about what you’re working on now and your website so people can find out a little bit more about you.

Juliette 35:59
Absolutely. And Paul, I really enjoyed being on your podcast is great conversation. And I hope I didn’t overwhelm anyone. But I’ve been talking about visibility, and I’m talking about, you know, showing up. But at the end of the day, you can have all visibility that you want, but unless you’re monetizing it, and unless you are, you know, creating some opportunities that will add quality to your own life. It’s pointless, right? So my, my whole program and my whole positioning right now is visibility that sells because when we show up as with that authority with that power, we also attract people who are prepared to pay us more so we can work less and get more for homework and, you know, have that freedom that, you know, when we start our businesses, we don’t think that we’re going to be working 80 hours per week, you know, for other people doing things that we don’t want to do. We think about the dream life, and that’s possible, but you have to also see the bigger version. Have you and show up as that so what I do with my clients is I help them show up as who they are not they don’t have to go absolutely nuts on their personal profiles, but we have a system where we we look into positioning themselves them as authority. So, we we get them published and you know, share their, their thoughts, their values, their what they believe and we get, we get them on interviews or you know, we help them find interviews like podcasts like this. So they can, their work can spread, you know, they can be known by other people, and they can mention what they’re doing and I’m sure that there’s somebody in the audience that will be interested in that but it’s not even about that when you’re doing your prospecting, let’s say a normal prospecting with through your company. If you have a strong personal brand, and people who are considering to hire your company can also find you as a personal brand and that will add that extra layer of confidence basically, yes. Oh, yes. Because, you know, one thing is that they’re hiring a company, but when they see in the company there is a leader or, or even a few leaders. And I think that, you know, if you’re working with the team, everybody should be building a personal brand as well, because it just gives that that’s trans like, these people are awesome. You know, we want them on board. Look how confidently they show up, not everybody can do it. So we stand out, by being by showing up as who we are. And, and people admire that our friends and family admired us secretly, they might not tell us, but I promise you, they think that we are awesome, you know, and so that’s, that’s in itself is really great. And so this is what I’m helping, I’m helping building that visibility that sells, whether it’s you’re if you’re a solopreneur, and you’re selling yourself and you’re attracting customers, and especially if you’re a digital marketer or freelancer, you already have your packages, you can even you know, be have a privilege of actually saying, Well, you know what, I’m not gonna do that i’m not i’m not enjoying spending my time on that. I’m just gonna offer this Gonna package it on a system when I approach people but these people who you’re approaching, have a chance to, to see you as well showing up so confidently. That’s really magnetic attraction for clients. So this is what I do. And if you want to find out more, you can just check out or search for Juliette Stapleton on Facebook and let’s connect.

Paul 39:22
Brilliant, brilliant Juliet. Thank you so so much very energetic packed full of great tips and advice. Really, really appreciate your time. Thanks so much. And yeah, let’s talk again soon All the best. Wonderful Thank you so much. Okay, thanks Juliet buy wonderful stuff from Juliet. I hope you enjoyed that I thought it was really packed with value in such an and she’s such an energetic person and, and really has a massive amount of passion for our business. So I really really enjoyed that. I hope you did too. If you’d like to find out more than check out the show notes over at and if you would like some help with your business or freelancing operation then don’t forget to book a call with me is completely free and I’m sure I can help you to get to the next level in your business. You’ll find the link on the website as well. So that’s www dot freelancers and thanks so much for being here today. Thanks so much for tuning in. All the very best take care bye bye.

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