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Freelance Jobs

Freelance Jobs

I wanted to start a collection of freelance jobs. I know there are lots of different freelance positions out there, so I won’t be able to think of them all!

I am going to start the list, please add other freelance job titles in the comments and then I will add them to the list.

Thanks for your help!


Freelance Job Titles:

  1. Graphic Designer
  2. Writer / Copywriter / Web Content Writer
  3. Voice Actor / Voice Over Artist
  4. Translator
  5. Interpreter
  6. Programmer / Coder
  7. Web Designer
  8. Transcriber
  9. Subtitler
  10. Researcher
  11. Customer Service Representative
  12. Tutor
  13. Coach
  14. Editor / Proofreader
  15. Marketing Consultant
  16. Virtual Assistant
  17. Travel Agent
  18. Social Media Manager
  19. Photographer
  20. Nutritionist

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