FAE 036: Niches, Finding Clients and LinkedIn with Fiyin Obayan

Paul talks with entrepreneur Fiyin Obayan about how she got started with small business clients, her focus on LinkedIn, niches, finding clients, creating great content and more! http://traffic.libsyn.com/100pcl/FAE_036_Niches_Finding_Clients_and_LinkedIn_featuring_Fiyin_Obayan.mp3 Here is the special link that Fiyin mentioned in the show: https://www.okikiconsulting.com/dominate-linkedin-with-your-personal-brand

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Social Media For Freelancers

FAE 035: Social Media – How to Get Started Featuring Felicia Oliver

I had a great chat with Felicia Oliver about social media. In particular, we talked about Twitter and Facebook, and getting started in social media. This is a really great episode for those who are just starting out and trying to figure out the best approach in what has now become an essential marketing strategy for most freelancers and entrepreneurs. About Felicia: Journalist turned freelance writer turned social media maven Felicia Oliver's business, Essentially Social, helps small businesses, nonprofits and solopreneurs grow their online visibility, to "find their tribe" and grow their bottom line through social media. Download her free Social Media Quick Start Tip Sheet at essentially-social.com. http://traffic.libsyn.com/100pcl/FAE_035_Social_Media_-_How_to_Get_Started_featuring_Felicia_Oliver.mp3

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Andy Storch Talent Development

FAE 025: Successful Networking and Talent Development with Andy Storch

Paul talks with talent development expert Andy Storch about networking, authenticity, attitude, relationships and the cost of freedom. Essential listening for all freelancers and entrepreneurs! Andy is a consultant and podcast host, but what's really interesting is how his career has developed. He is now a leading figure within the talent development industry in the US. He has only been focusing on this niche for a couple of years, and is now at the point where he's launching his first conference. It really shows what can be achieved with some persistence and dedication! This episode really is for all freelancers and entrepreneurs. Andy shares some great tips and pieces of advice. As he himself admits, he hasn't "made it" yet, but he certainly has some of the traits and habits that are going to set him up for success...have a listen and find out what they are! To find out more about Andy, check out the following links: The Talent Development Hot Seat Podcast: https://www.advantageperformance.com/talent-development-hotseat/ The Talent Development Think Tank Conference: https://tdtt.us/ And Andy on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andystorch/ All of the podcast episodes are also available on iTunes, just search for "freelancers and entrepreneurs" in your podcast player. Have a great…

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Getting Started As A Freelancer, UX/UI And Content Marketing With Emily Cleary

FAE 022: Getting Started as a Freelancer, UX/UI and Content Marketing with Emily Cleary

Paul talks with Emily Cleary about how she got started as a freelancer, design, content creation, networking, time management and more! Curious by nature and passionate by design, Emily Cleary is a Product Designer and Content Marketing specialist with years of experience working in technology. She is driven by the opportunity to create meaningful and memorable experiences for people through UX design and content creation as well as opportunities to mentor others who are finding a home in design or technology. She founded her LLC, Cleary Co earlier this year to provide UX and Content services to various types of clients. Prior to graduating from Ironhack’s intensive UX/UI program and winning the Hackshow with her final project ‘PARK’, Emily graduated from Florida Atlantic University (FAU) with a Master of Arts in Sociology, and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Business Administration. She worked as a UX Designer and Content Marketing Manager for a SaaS tool, a Conceptual Designer for a video production company, and an Adjunct Sociology Instructor at FAU and Broward College, as well as a Writing Consultant at the University for Excellence in Writing at FAU.  When Emily isn’t being a techie, you can find her singing…

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Writing For The Web: 8 Simple Guidelines

Writing for the Web: 8 Simple Guidelines

An Introduction to Writing for the Web Writing for the web is different to writing for a magazine or writing a book. There are several reasons why this is the case. One is that websites need “SEO juice” – the texts need to be carefully written so that they can attract and retain visitors. The short attention span of readers also has an impact – your articles need to be great or the reader will simply click away and go and read something else! So, not everything you were taught at school is going to work when it comes to writing for the web. And some journalists and experts in writing are not going to agree with everything I state below. But in my opinion, these tips will help you to write better and more engaging web content. 1.  Choose a Great Title The title is extremely important. It is what attracts visitors to your article in the first place. It should be catchy, not too short, not too long, include the right keywords, and be specific. Here is a great article from Hubspot that goes into much more detail. But what type of title works best? According to this fantastically detailed article from…

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Jordan Paris

FAE 021: Growth Mindset, Amazing Action and No Fear with Jordan Paris

Jordan Paris is a really amazing guy. He has achieved so much at such a young age. He is still only 21 and has already written the incredible book "Growth Mindset University" and hosts a hugely popular podcast of the same name. He is a an inspiration for people from all walks of life, helping them to take massive action and achieve their goals. I really, really enjoyed this interview and I think there are lessons in here for all of us. Have a listen, and let me know what you think! To find out more about Jordan, check out his website here: jordanparis.com And here is a link to his highly-rated book: Growth Mindset University Jordan shows us that, by learning from others and taking massive action, it really is possible to achieve incredible things in a relatively short period of time. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. All the best! Paul

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FAE 020: How to Get the Right Legal Structure for Your Business with Lauren A. Cohen

Marketing is "snazzy". Growth hacking is cool. But what about getting some of the unsexy stuff right? Like the structure of your business. Setting up for long-term success. A business with a weak foundation is unlikely to go the distance. So what about establishing something that is scaleable? And scaleable? In this epsisode, Paul talks with Lauren A. Cohen about setting up your business with the right legal structure, international clients, limited liability, 7-point inspections, staying in your lane, and much more! To find out more about Lauren, please check out here business websites here: www.scaleupcheckup.com www.ecouncilinc.com And here are the links to the quizzes she discusses: www.showmethemoneyquiz.com www.globalbizquiz.com

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Episode 19 With Deepak Shuhla

FAE 019: SEO and Lead Generation with Deepak Shukla

In this episode, I talk with Deepak Shukla about SEO, lead generation, traffic, solving one problem at a time and much more! Deepak was a fantastic guest, there's lots and lot of value in this one. Want to get more traffic to your site? Looking to generate more leads? If so, then this is the episode for you. Deepak is such a great speaker and packs a lot of information into a relatively short space of time. He's very experienced at SEO and lead generation, and I was so pleased that he agreed to share some of his expertise with us! If you would like to find out more about Deepak, check out his website SEO Consultant London or his company site SEO Agency London In conclusion, this episode is well worth a listen for anyone trying to boost their online presence and conversions (which I think is most of us!) I hope you enjoy it! All the best, Paul

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Why Digital Assets are the New Gold

What are Digital Assets? A digital asset is any digital file that has value.  Within the realms of content marketing and content creation, a digital asset is a quality piece of content that provides information, or value, to clients or potential clients. In this context, examples of digital assets include blogposts, articles, podcasts and other audio files, videos, images and so on.  Essentially, any piece of digital content. What are the Advantages of Digital Assets? Digital Assets boast many advantages over other forms of more traditional content (such as a physical brochure or a magazine).  Here are some of them: SEO Value Because digital assets are posted online, they usually have significant SEO value.  For example, in the case of an article posted online with the appropriate keywords, visitors will be able to find that article by performing a search for certain keywords.  If the article is valuable, provides useful information, and is well-written, then it will rank in the search engine results and help to drive traffic to the website. Long-term Value What I find especially interesting about digital assets, and something that contributes significantly to their value, is their longevity.  An article posted today, can still be relevant…

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Ow To Sell More Online (1)

Service Businesses: How to Sell More Online

Why Run a Services Business? I love service businesses.  Providing a professional service to individuals or corporations. In fact, I love lots of different types of business, but there is something quite attractive about how service businesses work. First of all, as you are providing a service, rather than delivering a product, the hardware or capital expenditure costs are often quite low compared to product businesses.  Many professional service companies really only need some computers and a few other bits and pieces to deliver their services – not forgetting, of course, the huge impact that the skills and experience of the professional staff have on delivering said services.  But the capital expenditure can be quite low. This makes service businesses attractive for entrepreneurs with little capital who wish to start a business and the way that the business climate has changed in recent years has only made things easier – nowadays it is easy to produce a simple website, and international communication is much easier and cheaper, to give but 2 examples. Service Businesses: Examples There are many types of business that can be classified as professional services.  Here are just a few examples: Private tutoringComputer repair servicesWebsite designLegal servicesCopywriting…

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Freelance Jobs

I wanted to start a collection of freelance jobs. I know there are lots of different freelance positions out there, so I won't be able to think of them all! I am going to start the list, please add other freelance job titles in the comments and then I will add them to the list. Thanks for your help! Paul Freelance Job Titles: Graphic DesignerWriter / Copywriter / Web Content WriterVoice Actor / Voice Over ArtistTranslatorInterpreterProgrammer / CoderWeb DesignerTranscriberSubtitlerResearcherCustomer Service RepresentativeTutorCoachEditor / ProofreaderMarketing ConsultantVirtual AssistantTravel AgentSocial Media ManagerPhotographerNutritionist

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FAE 014: Voice Over Master Joshua Alexander Part II

The second part of the interview with voice over master Joshua Alexander. Amazing stuff for all freelancers and entrepreneurs. So, carrying on where we left off in part I, in this episode we cover his voice over set-up, agents, getting clients and family. Just as before, it's great stuff for anyone working in voice over or looking to get started in the business. But, there is huge value here for ALL FREELANCERS AND ENTREPRENEURS. So, don't miss out! Have a listen and let me know what you think! Here is Josh’s Instagram account that I mentioned on the show (go follow him, I mean it!): https://www.instagram.com/seattlevoiceoverartist/ And here is his website: I’m sure you’ll enjoy this episode and, as always, please let me know if you have any comments or questions. All the best! Paul

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FAE 013: Voice Over Master Joshua Alexander Part 1

What an amazing interview! I had a blast interviewing Josh. He's a great guy, an experienced voice actor and has an awesome attitude. He shared so much great stuff in this interview, that I had to divide it into 2 parts (Episode 14 is coming out next week!) We talk about mindset, getting clients through different channels, mentors and working from home. Josh also shares a few of his different accents, it's entertaining as well as informative. Seriously, don't miss it! Here is Josh's Instagram account that I mentioned on the show (go follow him, I mean it!): https://www.instagram.com/seattlevoiceoverartist/ And here is his website: https://seattlevoiceactor.com I'm sure you'll enjoy this episode and, as always, please let me know if you have any comments or questions. All the best! Paul

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Growth Strategies, Automation And Communities With Jenae Spry

FAE 011: Growth Strategies, Automation and Communities with Jenae Spry

Paul talks with Jenae Spry from CrushConversions.com about growth strategies, automating the sales process, Facebook groups, communities, coaching, membership sites and more! Here is a little bit about Jenae: Jenae Spry successfully built a boutique translation company specializing in the life sciences, which led to the offering of coaching to other translators and translation company owners in the form of a membership program, Successbyrx.com to help them build successful businesses themselves. Jenaenow offers consulting services as a Growth Strategist to help SMEs optimize their growth strategies or build successful strategies from scratch. With knowledge ranging from social media advertising, bots, organic traffic, community building, lead magnets and funnels, in addition to having used these all herself to build success in multiple industries, she's uniquely qualified to help SMEs reach the next level in automating and optimizing their growth strategy.   Overall, it was a fantastic interview and I am sure there is something in there that you can apply to your business or freelance operation. Please let me know what you think. All the best! Paul

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How To Choose The Right Clients

FAE 007: Translation, Co-working and Productivity with John Moran

In this episode, I talk with John Moran, a translator, trainer and programmer with a background in computational linguistics about productivity, growing your business, networking and co-working events. What a great interview with John! I really enjoyed talking to him and he certainly shares lots and lots of valuable information. So, whether or not you are involved in the translation industry, this episode is well worth listening to. He shares his story, which includes how he built a translation agency from zero twice, as well as loads of great information on productivity, building your business, managing different projects at the same time and much more! Click here to find out more about John's translation agency, Transpiral Ltd. John and I also talked about his latest project, a co-working week initiative for professional translators called "Translator Stays", which he is organising with fellow translator Wolfgang Stenhauer. The next event is in Bologna and it's coming up soon! Click here to find out more!

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How To Sell More With Dale Dupree

FAE 005: How to Sell More with Dale Dupree

In this episode, Paul Urwin interviews Dale Dupree, The Copier Warrior, leader of The Sales Rebellion and all-round positive guy. Dale is an experienced salesperson, full of wonderful stories and actionable advice. Want to sell more? Listen to this! Topics we discussed include: How to get noticed in a crowded marketplace How relating to people and their needs will help you to sell How to have fun How to entertain How to make cold calls effectively Why understanding "you can't lose what you don't have" can help you to achieve more Whether or not you can learn to sell How to overcome fear - actionable ideas How improv / acting classes can help you to improve your sales skills Why cold calling is still relevant Why inbound can lead to scarcity If you would like to find out more about Dale, check out the following links: www.salesrebellion.com www.thecopierwarrior.com Here is the full transcript: Paul Urwin  0:00   How to sell more with Dale Dupree Paul Urwin  0:05   Hi there. I'm Paul Urwin and welcome to the freelancers and entrepreneurs podcast where freelancing meets entrepreneurship and business. We discussed clients, sales marketing, outsourcing, mindset, and much, much more. Find out…

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FAE 004: Specialize or Diversify?

As a freelancer, entrepreneur or small business owner or manager, should you be specializing or diversifying. It's often a confusing situation, with conflicting advice out there. In this episode, Paul explores this important issue and provides some useful advice.

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Freelancer Or Entrepreneur?

FAE 001: Freelancer or Entrepreneur?

Welcome to Episode 1 of the Freelancers and Entrepreneurs podcast! Freelancer or entrepreneur Which one are you? Here is the full transcript: 0:07 Hi there. I'm Paul Urwin and welcome to the Freelancers and Entrepreneurs podcast where freelancing meets entrepreneurship and business. We discuss clients, sales marketing, outsourcing, mindset, and much, much more. Find out more at freelancers and entrepreneurs.com. 0:30 Hi there, Paul here and welcome to Episode One of the freelancers and entrepreneurs podcast. If you are a freelancer or entrepreneur, looking to take your business to the next level, well, you've come to the right place. This is the show for you. In this episode, I'm going to be talking about the differences and similarities between freelancing and entrepreneurship. And I thought I'd start with a couple of definitions from the dictionary. That's right. A couple of boring but 1:00 Important definitions. So, according to Merriam Webster fantastic dictionary, a freelancer is a person who pursues a profession without being associated with an organization. While an entrepreneur is one who organizes managers and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise. So pretty straightforward, right? a freelancer is someone who works for themselves, essentially, essentially has different…

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