Andy Storch Talent Development

FAE 025: Successful Networking and Talent Development with Andy Storch

Paul talks with talent development expert Andy Storch about networking, authenticity, attitude, relationships and the cost of freedom. Essential listening for all freelancers and entrepreneurs! Andy is a consultant and podcast host, but what's really interesting is how his career has developed. He is now a leading figure within the talent development industry in the US. He has only been focusing on this niche for a couple of years, and is now at the point where he's launching his first conference. It really shows what can be achieved with some persistence and dedication! This episode really is for all freelancers and entrepreneurs. Andy shares some great tips and pieces of advice. As he himself admits, he hasn't "made it" yet, but he certainly has some of the traits and habits that are going to set him up for success...have a listen and find out what they are! To find out more about Andy, check out the following links: The Talent Development Hot Seat Podcast: The Talent Development Think Tank Conference: And Andy on LinkedIn: All of the podcast episodes are also available on iTunes, just search for "freelancers and entrepreneurs" in your podcast player. Have a great…

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