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Writing For The Web: 8 Simple Guidelines

Writing for the Web: 8 Simple Guidelines

An Introduction to Writing for the Web Writing for the web is different to writing for a magazine or writing a book. There are several reasons why this is the case. One is that websites need “SEO juice” – the texts need to be carefully written so that they can attract and retain visitors. The short attention span of readers also has an impact – your articles need to be great or the reader will simply click away and go and read something else! So, not everything you were taught at school is going to work when it comes to writing for the web. And some journalists and experts in writing are not going to agree with everything I state below. But in my opinion, these tips will help you to write better and more engaging web content. 1.  Choose a Great Title The title is extremely important. It is what attracts visitors to your article in the first place. It should be catchy, not too short, not too long, include the right keywords, and be specific. Here is a great article from Hubspot that goes into much more detail. But what type of title works best? According to this fantastically detailed article from…

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Why Digital Assets are the New Gold

What are Digital Assets? A digital asset is any digital file that has value.  Within the realms of content marketing and content creation, a digital asset is a quality piece of content that provides information, or value, to clients or potential clients. In this context, examples of digital assets include blogposts, articles, podcasts and other audio files, videos, images and so on.  Essentially, any piece of digital content. What are the Advantages of Digital Assets? Digital Assets boast many advantages over other forms of more traditional content (such as a physical brochure or a magazine).  Here are some of them: SEO Value Because digital assets are posted online, they usually have significant SEO value.  For example, in the case of an article posted online with the appropriate keywords, visitors will be able to find that article by performing a search for certain keywords.  If the article is valuable, provides useful information, and is well-written, then it will rank in the search engine results and help to drive traffic to the website. Long-term Value What I find especially interesting about digital assets, and something that contributes significantly to their value, is their longevity.  An article posted today, can still be relevant…

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Ow To Sell More Online (1)

Service Businesses: How to Sell More Online

Why Run a Services Business? I love service businesses.  Providing a professional service to individuals or corporations. In fact, I love lots of different types of business, but there is something quite attractive about how service businesses work. First of all, as you are providing a service, rather than delivering a product, the hardware or capital expenditure costs are often quite low compared to product businesses.  Many professional service companies really only need some computers and a few other bits and pieces to deliver their services – not forgetting, of course, the huge impact that the skills and experience of the professional staff have on delivering said services.  But the capital expenditure can be quite low. This makes service businesses attractive for entrepreneurs with little capital who wish to start a business and the way that the business climate has changed in recent years has only made things easier – nowadays it is easy to produce a simple website, and international communication is much easier and cheaper, to give but 2 examples. Service Businesses: Examples There are many types of business that can be classified as professional services.  Here are just a few examples: Private tutoringComputer repair servicesWebsite designLegal servicesCopywriting…

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Freelance Jobs

I wanted to start a collection of freelance jobs. I know there are lots of different freelance positions out there, so I won't be able to think of them all! I am going to start the list, please add other freelance job titles in the comments and then I will add them to the list. Thanks for your help! Paul Freelance Job Titles: Graphic DesignerWriter / Copywriter / Web Content WriterVoice Actor / Voice Over ArtistTranslatorInterpreterProgrammer / CoderWeb DesignerTranscriberSubtitlerResearcherCustomer Service RepresentativeTutorCoachEditor / ProofreaderMarketing ConsultantVirtual AssistantTravel AgentSocial Media ManagerPhotographerNutritionist

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