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FAE 037: Build Your Personal Brand featuring Juliette Stapleton

Paul talks with Juliette Stapleton about her building your personal brand. Great tips on creating and developing a personal brand that actually leads to sales - "visibility that sells" as Juliette calls it. What are you doing to build your personal brand? Here is the full transcript: Paul 0:00 Hey there, Paul here hope you're doing great. Welcome to Episode 37 of the freelancers and entrepreneurs podcast. I've got an amazing guest on for you today. Juliette Stapleton full of passion, full of energy full of great ideas. We talk about personal branding, we talk about her personal transformation. We talk about first impressions, we talk about your Facebook profile. So really lots of different things that make up a personal brand. And she has a really, really, really, really great story. She's overcome quite a few struggles. In her career, she's overcome people not taking her seriously or not taking her seriously enough. She's gone through different business types. And she really is doing extremely well. Now, with this personal brand approach. She likes to call it visibility that sells which I think is a really nice, really nice name and she's doing great in her business but…

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FAE 036: Niches, Finding Clients and LinkedIn with Fiyin Obayan

Paul talks with entrepreneur Fiyin Obayan about how she got started with small business clients, her focus on LinkedIn, niches, finding clients, creating great content and more! Here is the special link that Fiyin mentioned in the show: Here's the full transcript:00:00Paul here. Welcome to Episode 36 of the freelancers and entrepreneurs podcast. Hope you are doing fantastically well. And we've got a wonderful interview coming up for you in just a second with Fiyin Obayan. And we're going to be talking about niches about finding clients with LinkedIn. Really, really fantastic interview. First of all, just a couple of things I'd like to share with you. One is that recently I was down in Ibague Colombia, where I met up with Lauren. Lauren is based in Colombia as well. And Lauren is the person who is really spends a lot of time running the Facebook group, she does a wonderful job of running that group, interacting with all of all of you guys on there. So it was really great to meet up with her and we talked a lot about the direction in which we want to take freelancers and entrepreneurs and really, we want to…

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UX / UI For Freelancers

FAE 022: Getting Started as a Freelancer, UX/UI and Content Marketing with Emily Cleary

Paul talks with Emily Cleary about how she got started as a freelancer, design, content creation, networking, time management and more! Curious by nature and passionate by design, Emily Cleary is a Product Designer and Content Marketing specialist with years of experience working in technology. She is driven by the opportunity to create meaningful and memorable experiences for people through UX design and content creation as well as opportunities to mentor others who are finding a home in design or technology. She founded her LLC, Cleary Co earlier this year to provide UX and Content services to various types of clients. Prior to graduating from Ironhack’s intensive UX/UI program and winning the Hackshow with her final project ‘PARK’, Emily graduated from Florida Atlantic University (FAU) with a Master of Arts in Sociology, and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Business Administration. She worked as a UX Designer and Content Marketing Manager for a SaaS tool, a Conceptual Designer for a video production company, and an Adjunct Sociology Instructor at FAU and Broward College, as well as a Writing Consultant at the University for Excellence in Writing at FAU.  When Emily isn’t being a techie, you can find her singing…

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FAE 020: How to Get the Right Legal Structure for Your Business with Lauren A. Cohen

Marketing is "snazzy". Growth hacking is cool. But what about getting some of the unsexy stuff right? Like the structure of your business. Setting up for long-term success. A business with a weak foundation is unlikely to go the distance. So what about establishing something that is scaleable? And scaleable? In this epsisode, Paul talks with Lauren A. Cohen about setting up your business with the right legal structure, international clients, limited liability, 7-point inspections, staying in your lane, and much more! To find out more about Lauren, please check out here business websites here: And here are the links to the quizzes she discusses:

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Episode 19 With Deepak Shuhla

FAE 019: SEO and Lead Generation with Deepak Shukla

In this episode, I talk with Deepak Shukla about SEO, lead generation, traffic, solving one problem at a time and much more! Deepak was a fantastic guest, there's lots and lot of value in this one. Want to get more traffic to your site? Looking to generate more leads? If so, then this is the episode for you. Deepak is such a great speaker and packs a lot of information into a relatively short space of time. He's very experienced at SEO and lead generation, and I was so pleased that he agreed to share some of his expertise with us! If you would like to find out more about Deepak, check out his website SEO Consultant London or his company site SEO Agency London In conclusion, this episode is well worth a listen for anyone trying to boost their online presence and conversions (which I think is most of us!) I hope you enjoy it! All the best, Paul

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